Warranty / Policies

We take pride in our comprehensive warranty and customer care.

We only sell high quality products that have been tested for performance.

We want every customer to have a functional, worry free system that will provide years of service.

We are a stable, well capitalized company who will stand behind what we sell.

Claims for warranty service should be directed to: 704-705-4546 or customerservice@landscapelightingresources.com

Warranty Coverage includes:

  1. All electrical circuit components including direct burial wiring, transformers, and connectors will be covered by LLR warranty for 10 years from date of purchase.
  2. Intermatic Digital Timers are covered by manufacturer warranty for 12 months.
  3. LED Bulbs. Our LED bulbs are constructed using CREE components, the finest available. They are rated by the assembler for 50,000 hours. We provide a full replacement warranty for 3 years from date of installation. We will ship a replacement at no charge.
  4. Aluminum, stainless steel, copper and brass fixtures are warrantied for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase / installation.
  5. Labor Warranty: We guarantee that all aspects of the installation will be free of defect for 12 months from the date of installation.

Free service call and labor in relation to onsite repair or replacement of warrantied items for a twelve (12) month period from date of installation.

Warranty Coverage Includes:

  • Damage caused by landscapers or other persons doing yard and shrub services.
  • Damage caused by moving components
  • Damage caused by flooding the area where components are installed.
  • Damage from other acts of nature. The most common events that may damage the system include power outage then power surge and lighting. A significant power surge is more likely to damage the timer or transformer. Near lightning strikes frequently send charges through the ground that can burn up the LED bulbs, timer, fixtures or transformer. The more common symptom would be multiple bulbs failing at the same time.
  • Repair to damages caused by events other than component failure due to quality issues will incur charges for both materials and labor

Fixture Warranty Coverage Excludes:

  • Damage caused by landscapers or other persons doing yard and shrub services
  • Clouding of lenses due to the spray from irrigation system.
  • Damage caused by moving fixtures from initial position established by LLR installer
  • Diminished illumination due to fixtures being covered by mulch, pine needles or shrub branches, etc.
  • Changes in surface appearance of fixtures due to normal weathering, sun exposure, over-spray from irrigation and oxidation.

Customers Please Note: Non-Payment and/or an unresolved outstanding balance renders all warranty terms and conditions NULL and VOID.

Thank you,
Douglas R. Mainard : Owner and Operator LLR


  1. 1. Providing quality products to our customers occurs in two steps.
    1. Initial sales appointment. We always provide evening demonstrations for our clients. It is not possible to merely verbally describe what the impact of our products will be. We bring a sampling of all products and, using rechargeable batteries, illuminate selected areas of your home. We are able to provide an accurate estimate at that visit.
    2. Installation. Most installs occur within one week of the quote being approved. We take great care to protect landscaping and hardscapes during the install process.
  2. Settlement of Costs. Upon acceptance of the quote, the installation is scheduled. Fifty percent of the cost is due at the completion of the installation. The balance is due at the third appointment. Modifications to the quote will be reflected in the final payment.
  3. Warranty Claims. See warranty document for details.
  4. Cancellation. Removal of installed fixtures may incur a 20% restocking fee to cover labor and loss of install accessories such as wire and connectors.